Hippie Love Variety Box

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The Ultimate Smoke Odor Exterminator Hippie Love Box.  This box contains all your Odor Exterminating Solutions!!!!

Our signature Hippie Love candle that burns for approximately 70 hours. 

Hippie Love sprays in a large 7 ounce size as well as a NEW 1 ounce pocket spray.  These sprays will have you covered where ever you are.

A Hippie Love Candle for the Car, car hanger to proudly hang from your rearview mirrow to keep your car fresh.

Our brand new products include a Hippie Love candle lighter and a Tightpac-Minivac to keep your stash fresh and contain the odors.  

Lastly we include a Wick Clipper to keep your candle wick trimmed to the optimum length throughout the burn.

Order yours today to experience all the power of the Original Hippie Love Smoke Odor Exterminators.